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 countries ​         : US countries ​         : US
 support-added ​     : 2.0 support-added ​     : 2.0
-support-removed ​   : +support-removed ​   :
 auth-net-emulation :  # enter "​yes"​ or "​no"​ (without quotes) auth-net-emulation :  # enter "​yes"​ or "​no"​ (without quotes)
 supports-3dsecure ​ : no # enter "​yes"​ or "​no"​ (without quotes) supports-3dsecure ​ : no # enter "​yes"​ or "​no"​ (without quotes)
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   - In the Apple Pay section, click Sign Up.   - In the Apple Pay section, click Sign Up.
-==== Generating the CSR ==== +==== Generating the CSR and Apple Pay Payment Processing Certificate ​==== 
-You must submit a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to Apple in order to receive a necessary ​payment entitlement certificate.+You must submit a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to Apple in order to receive a necessary ​Payment Processing Certificate.
 To generate the CSR: To generate the CSR:
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-==== Submitting ​the CSR file to Apple (creating ​Payment Processing Apple Pay Certificate) ==== +After you have the CSR, you need to submit it to Apple within your Apple Developer account in order to generate the required ​Payment Processing ​Certificate.  
-You must submit ​the CSR to Apple in order to receive ​the required payment entitlement ​certificate.+ 
 +  - Within the Apple Developer account, proceed to the "​Certificates,​ Identifiers & Profiles"​ section and select "​Identifiers"​ from the sidebar 
 +  - Under "​Identifiers",​ select "​Merchant IDs" using the filter in the top-right. 
 +  - On the right, select your merchant identifier. 
 +  - Under Apple Pay Payment Processing ​Certificate, click Create Certificate. 
 +  - Upload ​the CSR you received from Authorize.Net 
 +  - If renewing the certificate - you may need to click "​Activate"​ on the new certificate ​to replace ​the existing one. 
 +You don't need to do anything with this certificate ​- but it needs to be generated and activated to ensure Authorize.Net is able to process the payment details coming via Apple Pay. It will also need to be renewed before it expires (by completing this and the previous step again), but you should receive a notice by email from Apple when this is coming up.
 ==== Creating Merchant Identity Apple Pay Certificate ==== ==== Creating Merchant Identity Apple Pay Certificate ====

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