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 ===== How It Works, Important Considerations,​ and Notes ===== ===== How It Works, Important Considerations,​ and Notes =====
-  * Guest versus Saved Accounts +==== Guest versus Saved Accounts ​==== 
-  * Behavior ​on page load: + 
-  ​* ​Auto-populating first/last names or business names from the swiped input:+By default when using the Cybersource Swiper gateway, after completing a swipe action the checkout will be set to default to guest checkout, removing the prompt for a password if the email address matches an existing customer, or if you have set your checkout to allow for account creation. 
 +==== Behaviour ​on page load ==== 
 +If the Cybersource Swiper gateway is enabled on the checkout for the current template set (and payment set), then on page load a modal will display prompting for the customers card to be swiped. The modal window will give focus to a hidden input within the payment section to capture the details provided from the swipe. 
 +Once input is detected to have completed (by monitoring for changes to the input every 1.5 seconds after the first input), the modal window will update to an email input where the customer can enter their email address themselves, or it can be entered on their behalf by the merchant. 
 +After completing that, the modal window can be closed to return to the checkout with all of the entered details automatically populated. 
 +==== Auto-populating first/last names or business names from the swiped input ==== 
 +If the customers first/last name and/or business/​company name can be detected in the returned details from the swiped input, those details will be auto-populated on the checkout after completing the swipe. If only the company is returned, ''​x'''​s are entered for the first/last name.

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