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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 ===== Setting Up Mollie for FoxyCart ===== ===== Setting Up Mollie for FoxyCart =====
-For testing just use test API key from dashboard of your account or foxy default test account. 
 +To connect your Mollie account to your Foxy store, you will just need to access the API key for your chosen website profile. This value can be copied from the "​Developers"​ > "API keys" section of the Mollie administration. If you haven'​t created a website profile yet, those can be created from the "​Settings"​ > "​Website profiles"​ section.
 +{{ :​gateways:​mollie_api_keys.png?​nolink&​600 |}}
 +You can enable Mollie for your Foxy store from the "​gateways"​ section of the Foxy administration,​ enabling the "​Accept payments using your Mollie account"​ option on that page. If you are on test payment servers (set by the "which servers do you want to use?" option at the top of the gateways page of the Foxy admin), you will use the "Test API key" value from Mollie. If you're on live payment servers, you will use the "Live API key"​. ​
 +The Live API key will only be available after your Mollie account is activated and the website profile is verified. Contact Mollie support for any assistance with doing that.
 ===== Testing ===== ===== Testing =====
 ==== Obtaining a Test Account ==== ==== Obtaining a Test Account ====

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