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----- dataentry integration ---- 
-type          : integration ​    # do not change this line 
-supports-foxycart-version-from :     # Minimum required FoxyCart version for this to work 
-supports-foxycart-version-to ​  : ​    # Last FoxyCart version that supports this (leave empty if unknown) 
-systems ​      : ​               # the system(s) that the integration is for, separated with commas if more than one 
-name          : Downloadable Products through ​               # the name of the integration 
-description ​  : Use to handle downloadable products. ​               ​ 
-tags_tags ​    : downloadables ​               # tags, separated by commas. don't include the "​system"​ here. 
-date_dt ​      : 2010-10-21 ​               # the date in YYYY-MM-DD format 
-version ​      : ​                # if you have a version for your code, enter it here 
-developer_url : http://​ ​               # if you'd like a link back to your site, stick it here 
-====== Downloadable Products through ====== 
-<WRAP important round> 
-//**Please note:**// 
-The code on this page is submitted by members of the FoxyCart community, and may not verified by LLC in any way, shape, or form. Please double check the code before installing. If you need help with it please [[http://​​|post in our forum]], but if we cannot offer assistance (due to unfamiliarity with this particular system or language) we apologize in advance. 
-===== Description ===== 
-Use to distribute your downloadable products. While FoxyCart has downloadable capabilities natively, you may want to use FetchApp instead. 
-===== Installation ===== 
-==== Setup Fetch and FoxyCart ==== 
-  * Setup your key in Fetch and paste in the path under the key box in Fetch into the datafeed url in FoxyCart. 
-  * Copy your API key (same thing as the datafeed key, depending on what version you're using) to FoxyCart. 
-  * Make sure the feed is enabled and pointing to something like ''​https://​​foxycart''​ 
-  * Make sure to use MD5 for the hashing method. 
-{{ :​integration:​​nolink&​ |}} 
-{{ :​integration:​fetch_carts_payments.png?​nolink&​ |}} 
-==== Create Your Add-To-Cart Links or Forms ==== 
-Create your FoxyCart add-to-cart links or forms normally. Make sure the ''​code''​ value in your add-to-cart links or forms matches the SKU value for your downloadable product in FetchApp. 
-==== Setup Fetch ==== 
-- http://​​admin/​settings/​payments 
-- Enter your FoxyCart API Key or / FoxyCart Datafeed Key (they'​re the same thing). 

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