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Please note: The code on this page is submitted by members of the FoxyCart community, and may not verified by FoxyCart.com LLC in any way, shape, or form. Please double check the code before installing. If you need help with it please post in our forum, but if we cannot offer assistance (due to unfamiliarity with this particular system or language) we apologize in advance.


Until a more formal FoxyCart + Unbounce instruction set is done, this page will link to relevant posts and information about using FoxyCart with Unbounce.

Basic Integration

Integrating FoxyCart Functionality

In order for FoxyCart to use the modal window and maintain sessions across the different domains, you need to add a few lines of includes to your header. To get the correct FoxyCart include files for your store, navigate to the 'Sample Code' section of the FoxyCart administration and copy them from there.

To add the codes to your Unbounce site:

  1. In your Unbounce page editor, down the bottom of the page you'll see two buttons for “Javascript” and “Stylesheets”. This is where we will include the FoxyCart include files to add in the modal cart functionality and maintain customer sessions correctly.
  2. Click on “Stylesheets” and within the text editor that appears, paste in the first line from the “Sample Code” section in your stores FoxyCart administration. It will be the line that starts with <link. Click “Done” once that is included.
  3. Next click on the “Javascript” button, and paste in the second and third lines from the “Sample Code” section, they both start with <script. You'll also need to ensure the checkbox in the lower left hand corner of the page for “jQuery” is unchecked and set the “Placement” to “Head”. Click “Done” once completed.

That's it!

Now, you can insert cart links and forms on your Unbounce page using the “Custom HTML” button from the left hand toolbar. Simply drag the Custom HTML button to where you want it on the page, paste in your link or form and press “Done”. Simple as that.

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