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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 Just put that before your ''​foxycart.complete.js''​ call. Just put that before your ''​foxycart.complete.js''​ call.
 +=== Avoiding box-sizing bugbears ===
 +If you are using  <code css>* {box-sizing:​ border-box}</​code>​ in your CSS file, you will need to override it for the colorbox to avoid having "​cropped"​ right and bottom edges. Add the following to your CSS file underneath your original box-sizing statement:
 +<code css>
 +-moz-box-sizing:​ content-box;​ -webkit-box-sizing:​ content-box;​ box-sizing: content-box;​ }
 === Changing the "​Continue Shopping"​ link === === Changing the "​Continue Shopping"​ link ===
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 {{section>​.:​cheat_sheet#​transaction_non-product_specific_options&​noheader&​noeditbutton&​permalink&​footer&​nodate}} {{section>​.:​cheat_sheet#​transaction_non-product_specific_options&​noheader&​noeditbutton&​permalink&​footer&​nodate}}

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