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Internationalization & Translations

The USA Is Not The Center Of The World

The sundial at Felicity, California, USA At FoxyCart, we know that the USA isn't the center of the world 1) And though we're a US-based company, our goal is to serve all web professionals, regardless of their country. That said, and even though we do have a very diverse international team, the only way we'll ever learn enough about your specific needs is for you to teach us. Please review what is and isn't supported below, and get in touch with us or request a new feature so we can make FoxyCart support your locale.

What Is Customizable

  • Currency symbol (in the admin's “settings” page - “store locale” and “use international currency symbol” options, or if using multiple template sets, the “locale” option from the “template sets” page)
  • All customer-facing language (in the admin's “language” page)

What Isn't Customizable

  • Country and state/province names in the checkout's autocompleter (though our country and state/province selector is multilingual capable, so it will recognize and autocomplete on both Spain or España).

Things to Watch Out For

While FoxyCart offers many options to customize the language and locale of your store, there are a few things that you'll want to dig into before you make an assumption that FoxyCart will fully meet your needs. Generally, these include:

  • Payment Gateway. While FoxyCart can work with PayPal Express Checkout in almost every country in the world, you may want a “real” gateway. Please see what gateways are supported for your country, or request a new gateway.
  • Shipping Carriers. FedEx will likely work in your country of choice, but please request your shipping carrier of choice and we will look at adding support in a future version.
  • Taxes. Though FoxyCart's tax functionality is very flexible, certain tax requirements may be difficult at present. Ask on our forum or email if you have any questions, but we do encourage you to create free test store to see if you can make things work for your requirements.

Want to Enable Multiple Languages for your Cart?

With FoxyCart's Template Set functionality, it's possible to have multiple languages in a single store. To do that, simply create a new template set for each language that you want to support. Refer to the template sets wiki page for details on creating and using template sets with your store.

Editing language strings for a specific template set

If you need to make changes to a language string for a specific template set, simply head to the “Language” section of your store's FoxyCart administration, and select the relevant template set from the dropdown. You can then edit any language strings for that specific template set.

Customising the email subject

Currently the email subject sent out with the email receipt is not a language string, but is set on the emails template page directly. The exception to this is for our subscription dunning functionality, which is set as part of the language settings, specifically the email subject subscription cancelled, email subject subscription past due and email subject expiring payment reminder strings.

If you want to customise the email subject based on the language set for the cart, you'll need to include a little Twig logic in your email template. The following is an example of that for updating just the email subject for the email receipt (and not the subscription dunning emails). Paste the following at the top of your email templates (both the text and HTML versions if you're using both options), and customise it to cover the languages that you're supporting in your template sets:

{% set custom_subject = "" %}
{% if not is_subscription_dunning_cancellation and not is_subscription_dunning_reminder and not is_expiring_payment_reminder %}
	{% if language == "german" %}
		{% set custom_subject = "German Email Subject Line" %}
	{% elseif language == "french" %}
		{% set custom_subject = "French Email Subject Line" %}
	{% endif %}
{% endif %}
{% if custom_subject != "" %}
	{{ custom_subject|fc_output_data('email_subject') }}
{% endif %}

If one of the conditions is not met to set a custom string, the default subject as it is set in your store's administration will be used. You can also customise the bcc and from addresses for the email as well. See the email placeholders section for more details on this.

Want a New Language Supported?

Please let us know. We can provide you with the language includes file for you to work from, which is easier than using the web interface, and will allow you to reuse your language customizations in future stores.

Though according to the French Government, Felicity, California, USA is actually the center of the world.

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