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 +====== The Store Secret Key ======
 +Some Foxy functionality relies on a secret key to help secure information it contains. This includes the [[:​static:​redirect:​xml_datafeed|legacy XML datafeed]], the [[:​static:​redirect:​api|legacy API]], [[:​static:​redirect:​price_validation|link/​form validation]] and our [[:​static:​redirect:​sso|Single Sign-On functionality]].
 +When creating a store, a random 60 character secret key is assigned to the store, and this value is used for each different feature mentioned above. This can be customised from the "​advanced"​ setting page of the Foxy administration,​ through the "store secret"​ option.
 +For some stores though, they may prefer to be able to use a unique key for each different feature. This is possible by entering a JSON value instead, with keys for each different feature. The JSON requires that all keys be present, but you can use the same value for multiple keys if you desire. The JSON format should look like this:
 +<code json>
 +  "​cart_signing":​ "​xxx",​
 +  "​sso":​ "​xxx",​
 +  "​api_legacy":​ "​xxx",​
 +  "​xml_datafeed":​ "​xxx"​
 +<WRAP center round important 90%>
 +Make sure you set your own unique strings for each value, to a maximum length of 100 characters for each value.
 +If you use the JSON format approach for your store secret keys, you will then need to ensure that you use the correct key for each respective feature.

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