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Setting Up BluePay for FoxyCart

First, you'll need to sign up for a Bluepay account.

FoxyCart uses Bluepay's emulation. In order to find your Account ID and Secret Key:

  1. Log into the Bluepay 2.0 gateway.
  2. From the Administration menu, choose Accounts, then List.
  3. On the Account List, under Options on the right-hand side, choose the first icon to view the account. It looks like a pair of eyes.
  4. On the Account Admin page, you will find the ACCOUNT ID is the second item in the right-hand column and the SECRET KEY is about halfway down the page, near a large red warning.


The results of a test transaction are determined by the dollar amount of the transaction without cents. If the dollar amount is odd a approval is returned. If the dollar amount is even a decline is returned.

Obtaining a Test Account

Contact BluePay for info. Know more? Feel free to edit this page with info.

Test Card Numbers

Contact BluePay for info. Know more? Feel free to edit this page with info.

Important Notes and Caveats

User Notes and Experiences

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