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Welcome to the FoxyCart documentation. Because of FoxyCart's unique versioning approach, we have versioned our documentation to match. Each FoxyCart version may have different functionality, so make sure you're on the correct version of the documentation for your store. (You can find your store's version in the “settings” page in your FoxyCart Admin.)

Required Reading:
E-Commerce Bare Necessities
We recommend the links below for everybody involved in the creation and maintenances of an e-commerce website, regardless of FoxyCart's involvement. Whether you're a web designer on your first e-commerce build, a web programmer who's built custom e-commerce from the ground up, or a non-technical merchant irritated that you have to bother with learning anything at all, the following pages will help you be more profitable, secure, and law abiding. Some of the knowledge contained herein you may have already agreed to abide by in our terms of service. We'll try to make it fun, and hopefully you'll come away with much more knowledge than you realized you needed.

What Is FoxyCart?

Please visit for more information, but if you want a quick one-page PDF explaining FoxyCart's benefits for web developers, web designers, and merchants look no further than below.

  • One-Page Flyer, a flyer for developers, designers, and merchants to understand some of the benefits.


FoxyCart is built from the ground up to integrate with other best-of-breed solutions. Some of these integrations are officially maintained by the FoxyCart team, but many of them are contributed and maintained by community members. Not all integrations will work with all versions of FoxyCart, so always test and thoroughly read the documentation.

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