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Why FoxyCart was Built to Integrate

Too many systems try to be all things to all people. We'd rather do one thing and do it well; and for us, that thing is ecommerce. FoxyCart is not a CMS. It's not a mailing list manager. It's not CRM or inventory management or affiliate tracking. There are plenty of great applications that do those things excellently. We'd rather put our energy into being the absolute best ecommerce platform there is, and make it easy for you to integrate with whatever other systems you already know and love.

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3PL3plSet the FoxyCart datafeed to pass your data to 3PL's fulfillment system
ASP.Net, C#test_xml_post_with_csharpCode in C# to generate and post a FoxyCart XML datafeed on demand.
ASP.Net, C#datafeed_with_csharpFunctions to interact with the FoxyCart API and XML Datafeed
ASP.Net, C#csharp-reading-xmldatafeed-with-xmlserializerShows how to use the .net XmlSerializer object to easily read the FoxyCart transaction feed in
PHP, Excelxml_to_simple_csvWrites the FoxyCart XML Datafeed to a simple CSV file. Can write to separate files per product.
FoxyCarttest_xml_write_to_fileWrite the FoxyCart XML datafeed to a file
FoxyCarttest_xml_postGenerate a FoxyCart XML datafeed on demand. Useful for testing your integrations.
JavajavaNotes and links to Java + FoxyCart related resources
PHPmultiple_datafeed_endpointsA script to allow the datafeed to be passed off to multiple different endpoints
PHP5subscription_datafeedFor v050+, should give you some ideas for automating your billing and payment card reminders.
QuickBooksquickbooks-web-connectorUsing the Intuit-supported QuickBooks Web Connector, automatically import Foxycart orders, line items, customers, and items into QuickBooks.
Ruby on Railsxml_decodeA basic example of how to decrypt a foxycart v060 datafeed
SmartTurnsmartturnSet the FoxyCart datafeed to pass your data to SmartTurn's fulfillment system

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Please note: The plugins listed on this page are (generally) submitted by members of the FoxyCart community, and are not verified by LLC in any way, shape, or form. Please double check the code before installing, as LLC cannot be responsible for any damages that are caused by code distributed on this wiki.

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