Quickbooks Automated Foxycart Imports
Using the Intuit-supported QuickBooks Web Connector, automatically import Foxycart orders, line items, customers, and items into QuickBooks.
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This page is left up only for legacy purposes. For QuickBooks Online, you'll probably want to use our Zapier integration instead. For QuickBooks Pro/Desktop, we recommend JMA Web Technologies' QuickBooks Connector.

Quickbooks Automated Foxycart Imports

Please note: The code on this page is submitted by members of the FoxyCart community, and may not verified by FoxyCart.com LLC in any way, shape, or form. Please double check the code before installing. If you need help with it please post in our forum, but if we cannot offer assistance (due to unfamiliarity with this particular system or language) we apologize in advance.


The Foxycart QuickBooks Automated Imports offers a quick, automated, and secure method of transferring orders, line items, customers, and items from Foxycart to QuickBooks. Some of the features include:

  • Transfer of order and line item data: All order and line item data (including product options like colors and sizes, discounts, quantities, etc.) is transferred from Foxycart to QuickBooks (as either QuickBooks Sales Receipts or Invoices).
  • Transfer of customer and item data: All customer and item information from Foxycart is also automatically entered into QuickBooks. If the customer or item already exists, they will be re-used. Otherwise, a new customer or item will be added for you.
  • Completely automated: Beyond the initial set up process, there is no interaction required from you. There is no manual import/export process, just set it up, and let it run. Within minutes of the order being placed, the order will automatically show up in QuickBooks.
  • Configurable: We understand that everyone uses QuickBooks a bit differently. If you need data to be entered into QuickBooks in a specific way, we'll work with you to make that happen.
  • Accurate: Escape from manually re-keying data into QuickBooks and having to worry about mis-typing customer names or addresses. The data transferred from QuickBooks to Foxycart is complete and accurate.

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