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 +====== iDevAffiliate Integration ======
 +Integrating [[http://​www.idevdirect.com/​index.php|iDevAffiliate]] with FoxyCart is simple. Here's a quick rundown:
 +===== iDevAffiliate v5.0 =====
 +Pretty much identical to v4.x below.
 +===== iDevAffiliate v4.0 =====
 +  - Check [[http://​www.idevsupport.com/​index.php?​_m=knowledgebase&​_a=viewarticle&​kbarticleid=13&​nav=0|iDevAffiliate'​s page]] for instructions.
 +  - Login to your iDevAffiliate manager and click on the Cart Integration link.
 +    * It doesn'​t matter what you call your variable names. ​ All that matters is that you put in the right placeholders later, so just call your variable names something descriptive like ''​order_total''​ and ''​order_id''​.
 +    * iDev will generate some code that should look something like this: <code html><​img border="​0"​ src="​https://​www.YOURDOMAIN.com/​idevaffiliate/​sale.php?​totalminusshipping=XXX&​orderid=XXX"​ width="​1"​ height="​1"></​code>​
 +    * **NOTE:** We haven'​t yet figured out a way to use our caching system to cache iDev's sale.php, so you'll need to call it https for the time being. We're working on this. 
 +  - Replace the ''​XXX''​ with [[:​v:​0.6.0:​docs:​placeholders|FoxyCart placeholders]] like ''​^^order_id^^''​ and ''​^^order_total^^''​.
 +  - Create a separate receipt template in your FoxyCart admin. Include your modified code at the bottom of your template.

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