Chase Paymentech Orbital (Salem / Stratus)

Chase Paymentech Orbital (Salem)

Setting Up Chase Paymentech Orbital (Salem / Stratus) for FoxyCart

  1. Contact your Chase Paymentech Sales Rep or Account Executive, and inform them that FoxyCart will be submitting on their behalf. FoxyCart is certified, and if you're told otherwise, please contact us so we can provide our Submitter ID.
  2. Enter your Chase Paymentech Merchant ID in your FoxyCart admin. Note that these credentials are not the same as any credentials you may use to access your Orbital virtual terminal elsewhere.
  3. Don't enter any username or password unless instructed to do so. (Notes below.) You may need to enter your Terminal ID. Our implementation uses “001” as the terminal ID. If you have a different terminal ID, enter it in terminal id (optional).
  4. Test.

Advanced Features

FoxyCart is certified with Paymentech Orbital to process Level 2 Purchasing Cards. To take advantage of this, pass in an input with a name of purchase_order_number in the checkout form. FoxyCart will pass it along to Orbital in the appropriate manner.


Obtaining a Test Account

Contact your account rep for info. Know more? Feel free to edit this page with info.

Test Card Numbers

Contact your account rep for info. Know more? Feel free to edit this page with info.

Important Notes and Caveats

Should you enter a user/pass?

In the past, the username/password authentication method was not recommended. But as of 2019-03-21, according to Chase's certification document that Foxy completes, “User Name & Password authentication is Chase Paymentech’s preferred method.”

Chase Paymentech has two different ways to connect. If you do an IP address based connection method, this requires you to get FoxyCart added to your account as an authorized submitter. This should not be a problem, as FoxyCart is fully certified. (More on that below.)

Chase Paymentech Certification

FoxyCart is a fully certified VAR with Chase Paymentech. If there's any confusion about that, you can…

We often are told that Chase reps say we're not certified. We're not sure why they seem to be confused on this point, but please contact us and we'll help you get it sorted out.

Getting a 412 error? You may need to have Paymentech set up a separate FoxyCart username/password combination. More details at this forum post.

User Notes and Experiences

From Maurci of Chase

Hi This is Maurci with Chase Paymentech. What you need to make your setup go smoothly is a connection user ID and password. Let me guide you in the complete setup process of your merchant account and we can help this be a very easy experience. Call me and we will start the account setup! 214-849-3672

From user Michael

(I emailed and called Maurci and got no response. I recommend calling their support line at 866 645 1314)

You will need to know the mailing address and phone number of the company with the merchant account before they will talk to you. And even they they're going to insist on talking first to their authorized contact, who can then enable you as a technical contact (assuming you are with a web company and not the merchant).

If you fill in the Username or Password fields, which are marked as optional, the transaction will be rejected. Leave these fields blank. (I got the 412 error with anything in these fields. Just leave them blank. You do, however, need to have them add Foxycart as an authorized submitter. Be prepared to spend an extended period of time on the phone with them…)

The authorized contact at the merchant will need to request that Foxycart be added as an authorized submitter for your account.

(They would not provide us with a test account.)

(They would not provide us with a test card. You need to just do a real transaction with a real card, and then log in to the virtual terminal and reverse the transaction.)

If you have tips, experience, or helpful notes related to this gateway that would benefit others, please add them below, including your name and the date. We at FoxyCart reserve the right to edit or remove comments that don't add value to this page.

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