First Data Global Gateway
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First Data Global Gateway

NOTE: The “New” E4 System is now supported The new First Data Global Gateway E4 system is now supported in FoxyCart version 1.1. If you have a Global Gateway E4 account with First Data you'll need to upgrade your store to FoxyCart version 1.1 (if you're not already on that version), and select the E4 payment gateway from the list. Integration notes for the Global Gateway E4 can be seen here.

Setting Up First Data for FoxyCart

First Data may provide you with two types of certificates: API certificate (having .pem extension) and Web Services bundle (which is a .zip file with a lot of files inside).

Using FoxyCart admin page you should upload the API certificate.

How to get API certificate (having .pem extension)

  1. Log in to your FirstData/LinkPoint/Yourpay account on their website
  2. Click on “Support” in the Main Menu Bar.
  3. Click on the word “Download Center” under Downloads in the Side Menu Box.
  4. Click on the word “download” beside the “Store PEM File” section on the right-hand side of the page.
  5. Key in necessary information to start download. You will need to supply your actual SSN or Tax ID which you submitted during the merchant account boarding process.

Important Setting If your customer inputs invalid payment information when completing the checkout, such as the wrong expiration date, the transaction will be declined. When they try to complete the order again (even after fixing the mistake), they'll get a 'Duplicate Transaction' error. To avoid this, set 'Duplicate Lockout Time' in Basic Fraud Settings of your First Data account to 0.


Obtaining a Test Account

To obtain a test account fill the application form at https://www.firstdata.com/gg/apply_test_account.htm

Test Card Numbers

For testing purposes, you can use any of the card numbers listed below. The test card numbers will not result in any charges to the card. Use these card numbers with any expiration date in the future.

  • Visa Level 2 - 4275330012345675 (replies with a referral message)
  • JCB - 3566007770003510
  • Discover - 6011000993010978
  • MasterCard - 5424180279791765
  • Visa - 4005550000000019 or 4111111111111111
  • MasterCard Level 2 - 5404980000008386
  • Diners - 36555565010005
  • Amex - 372700997251009


Please note that First Data's test transactions do not show up in the Reports.

Troubleshooting & Interpreting Response Codes

Contact firstdata for info. Know more? Feel free to edit this page with info.

Important Notes and Caveats

User Notes and Experiences

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