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Setting Up Inspire Commerce Gateway for FoxyCart

Inspire Gateway uses the account username and password as the credentials. We recommend creating a new user with API permissions (but no other permissions) in order to use with FoxyCart. This adds a level of security to your primary user, and ensures that if you change your password or settings for your normal user it won't FoxyCart's ability to communicate with Inspire Gateway using your account.


Obtaining a Test Account

Testing is described in the Inspire Gateway API documentation (available inside the gateway login itself). Test card numbers are copied below for reference.

Triggering Errors in Test Mode:

  • To cause a declined message, pass an amount less than 1.00.
  • To trigger a fatal error message, pass an invalid card number.
  • To simulate an AVS Match, pass 888 in the address1 field, 77777 for zip.
  • To simulate a CVV Match, pass 999 in the cvv field.

Test Card Numbers

  • 4111111111111111
  • 6011601160116611
  • 5431111111111111
  • 341111111111111

Important Notes and Caveats

User Notes and Experiences

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