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Setting Up PayConex for FoxyCart

  1. Enter your Account ID and API Access Key from PayConex into your store's FoxyCart admin.
  2. Test.


Obtaining a Test Account

Contact PayConex for info. Know more? Feel free to edit this page with info.

Test Card Numbers

Bluefin Credit Card Triggers for First Data Omaha Only

If your Merchant account is set-up with an end processor of First Data Omaha, there are certain credit card values that will trigger different responses when used in CERT mode (Testing). The credit card and other values that should always be used for testing are listed below:

CC Number = 4444333322221111 (or any valid mod-10 value should work)

AVS Address = 7305 (you can include a street name also, but it is not sent to processor)

AVS Zip/Postal Code = 68114

CVV/CVV2 = 123

The table below shows the amount that can be used in testing, the response that should be returned, and the Reason or Notes that are applicable to the response. Other values may produce erratic responses. All these should be unit tested for correct handling of successes and declines.

Note: All the values and reasons listed above are subject to change and Bluefin has no control over the values being static.

Know more? Feel free to edit this page with info.

Important Notes and Caveats

User Notes and Experiences

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