PayPal Payments Pro

PayPal Payments Pro

FoxyCart is a PayPal Gold Partner FoxyCart is proud to be a PayPal Gold Partner.

What PayPal Account Do You Have? There are many different types of PayPal accounts. Please make sure you've read this page about PayPal's different systems before continuing.

This page is for PayPal's Payments Pro. There are only a few steps you'll need to take to use PayPal's Payments Pro with FoxyCart. These instructions are for configuring PayPal Payments Pro with FoxyCart, using the LIVE gateway. If you haven't activated your FoxyCart store yet and do not have access to the “live” option on your payment settings, you'll need to view the “sandbox” instructions below.

Setting Up PayPal Payments Pro for FoxyCart

Step 1 - Ensure You Have Payments Pro

  1. Set up a PayPal account with Payments Pro (US, Canada, or others where supported). Other countries PP WPP systems may work following the same instructions, or they may require the Payflow Pro method.
  2. Ensure your PayPal account is showing “Virtual Terminal” in your main navigation, like this:

Step 2 - Configure API Access

  1. In your PayPal account, head to your “Account Settings” by clicking the settings gear icon in the top right.
  2. Select “Account Access” from the left hand column.
  3. Look for the “API Access” on the right section, and click “Update” for that option.
    • If you don't see anything like this you probably need to VERIFY your account. An unverified account will not have API access.
  4. Within the PayPal API group, look for “Pre-built payment solution”, and click “Grant API permission” or “Add or edit API permissions”.
  5. Enter billing_api1.foxycart.com, and click “Lookup”. Check all the checkboxes except (if available) “Consolidate funds from two or more accounts to a master account.” that appear in the following screen, and submit. (Or, if you already have another API permission granted, click “Add new permission”, then do the preceding.)
  6. Go to your FoxyCart admin, edit your Payment Gateway settings (in the “Store” menu item), set it to PayPal, Live Server, and enter the primary email. It must be the primary email on the PayPal account, or this will not work.

Step 3 - Configure the IPN

  1. If you're using PayPal Express for subscriptions, be sure to setup your IPN as described here.


Testing is always a very good idea. You can use the default FoxyCart sandbox account for testing (in your “Payment Gateway” settings), but this won't allow you to see all the transaction details. When it's necessary to test things more thoroughly, you should set up your own PayPal Sandbox account.

While you're using a PayPal Sandbox, you can run test transactions using the test card number 4242424242424242, with any expiration date in the future.


  • This card number is for testing and will not work on a live PayPal account.
  • Testing recurring subscriptions requires you to obtain your own sandbox account, as the FoxyCart sandbox account is not set up properly for this testing.
  • Please direct all questions regarding Paypal Sandboxes to Paypal as there is usually nothing we can do on our end to help

Obtaining a Test Account

If you'd like to test things more completely you can set up your own PayPal Sandbox account. Setting this up is NOT trivial. It's confusing, prone to error, and generally not recommended unless you have some time to kill. Once you do set up a sandbox account, follow the steps above but grant API permission to sandbox_api1.foxycart.com rather than the billing_api1.

Test Card Numbers

  • 4242424242424242

Important Notes and Caveats

Subscriptions through PayPal Payments Pro

Recurring Billing with FoxyCart and PayPal WPP REQUIRES Testing If you're processing subscriptions through FoxyCart and are using PayPal Payments Pro, you need to test things to ensure they work.

By default, PP WPP requires the CSC (card security code) to be sent with the payment details. PayPal Payments Pro will not usually give you access to the CSC settings by default. This option is available on a case-by-case basis for an additional $30/mo, but PayPal might not allow your account access to the CSC settings depending on your business history. Read this page for more information.

If you have no business history, bad credit, or a history that includes bankruptcies this setting will likely be unavailable to you, and you will probably have to use a different gateway in order to use subscriptions with FoxyCart.

UPDATE as of 2017.06.07
It looks like PayPal have removed the ability for customers to set their CSC requirements against their account. Instead, you'll need to contact the PayPal support team to check on your accounts CSC requirements, and if it's set to required, ask for it to be turned off. Refer to the contact details displayed within your PayPal account to reach out to their support team.

International and Non-Mainland US Merchant Support

Paypal Payments Pro may not be available for merchants who are outside the US Mainland, that includes the U.S. Virgin Islands. ie. If you're in California, you can use PP WPP and accept payments from all over the world. If you're in the US Virgin Islands, however, PayPal might not give you a WPP account, so you cannot accept payment from anybody. Please make sure your location is actually supported by PayPal before pursuing the Payments Pro option.

User Notes and Experiences

If you have tips, experience, or helpful notes related to this gateway that would benefit others, please add them below, including your name and the date. We reserve the right to edit or remove comments that don't add value to this page.

  • In Europe, PayPal offer Payments Pro in the UK only (although this may have changed by the time you read this, so double-check). FoxyCart integration with UK WPP works just fine.

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