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Intuit Merchant Services

Setting Up Intuit Merchant Services for FoxyCart

Normal Instructions

  1. Click the following link to connect your account to ours (so we are allowed to send transactions on behalf of you). You have to use these specific links below. The appid portion of the link is important.
  2. Log in using your appropriate (live or test) account.
    1. If you get a message saying that your live account is not setup for this application then you need to exit and then relogin to your merchant account using this link:
    2. Then click through the link for “Processing Information” under Account and switch the setting for “Process with Web Store” from Off to On. This may incur an additional $9.95 to $19.95 fee per month on your account, see the intuit site for details on costs.
  3. Create a new connection.
  4. If asked for your website URL (image below), you must put http://qbms.foxycart.com/. (If you're setting up a test account, set it to http://testing.foxycart.com/ instead.)
  5. Copy the Connection Ticket you are provided with and paste it in the “connection ticket” field on the payment gateways page of your Foxy admin (https://admin.foxycart.com/admin.php?ThisAction=EditPaymentGateway).
  6. Test.

Version 0.7.1 and lower

If you're using a very old FoxyCart account, it's more difficult. But the good news is that you're very very likely not using FoxyCart v0.7.1 or prior. Check your store → settings page to see. And if you are, just upgrade to 0.7.2. It's much easier than trying this approach below.

  1. Enter the Application Login and Connection Ticket values from your Intuit Merchant Services account into your store's FoxyCart admin.
  2. Test.

If that's not helpful, which it may very well not be, post on this thread in our forums. Getting the application login and connection ticket values is actually not an easy thing to do. (Thanks to forum user opus13 for the walkthrough.)


Obtaining a Test Account

Version 0.7.2 and higher

Visit this page and follow the instructions. Note that you only need to complete the step 3. After you got a test account, connect it to ours using the instructions above.

Version 0.7.1 and lower

Visit this page to get an instruction of how to obtain a test account.

Watching the test transactions

Login here using your test account.

Test Card Numbers

According to this link you're allowed to use the following test card numbers:

  • 4111111111111111
  • 5105105105105100
  • 5555555555554444
  • 4222222222222
  • 4012888888881881
  • 378282246310005
  • 378734493671000
  • 38520000023237
  • 6011111111111117

Troubleshooting & Interpreting Response Codes

Contact quickbooks for info. Know more? Feel free to edit this page with info.

Important Notes and Caveats

While testing checkout, in order to get the response you want just fill one of following values in 'First Name' field. Put space into 'Last Name' field (you cannot leave it blank since it's required).

Possible 'First Name' field's values and expected responses correspondingly:

configid=10200_comm An error occurred while communicating with the credit card processing gateway.

configid=10201_login An error occurred during login to the processing gateway.

configid=10301_ccinvalid This credit card account number is invalid.

configid=10400_insufffunds This account does not have sufficient funds to process this transaction.

configid=10401_decline The request to process this transaction has been declined.

configid=10403_acctinvalid The merchant account information submitted is not recognized.

configid=10404_referral This transaction has been declined, but can be approved by obtaining a Voice Authorization code from the card issuer.

configid=10405_void An error occurred while attempting to void this transaction.

configid=10406_capture An error occurred while processing the capture transaction.

configid=10500_general A general error occurred at the credit card processing gateway.

"Authorization Error" message on checkout

This error message is rather generic and doesn't really give much direction on how to fix it. Previously though, several users have found that when creating the connection ticket they hadn't used the link included in the documentation above. Ensure that you create the connection ticket using the links in step 1 above and that should fix this error.

User Notes and Experiences

If you have tips, experience, or helpful notes related to this gateway that would benefit others, please add them below, including your name and the date. We reserve the right to edit or remove comments that don't add value to this page.

Three Hours on the Phone

From a user D.H.:

I spent almost 3 hours on phone support with Intuit and the problems were clearly on their end.

The only things I can think of on the Foxycart side that would have helped would be: A. Display the Foxycart version number on the admin page somewhere. B. Make it clear that despite what Intuit tells you, if you are using Foxycart v 0.7.2 or higher, you don't need to enter the Application Login.

I did follow the instruction in your wiki for enabling Process with Web Store. And yet, Intuit kept insisting that my client's account wasn't authorized to use Web Store and that we needed to use Desktop. C. Again, despite what Intuit tells you… But it seems odd to have to add instructions to your wiki based on incorrect information from Inuit support.

Intuit also has some incorrect links on their site. I would follow their instructions exactly and not see on the screen what they were describing. They would come back 10 minutes later and say…. Oh that url has changed and the site is not updated, sorry…

Another odd thing was that my client and I were both logged into his Intuit account using the same account login, and he was seeing different things than I was. Some functions to create apps were erroring but were still executing. I ended up with about a dozen apps, some of which had id numbers some didn't. None of them worked when I created a url: https://merchantaccount.quickbooks.com/j/sdkconnection?appid=[your app id]&sessionEnabled=false The resulting page looked like the examples showing a connecting ticket but that part of the page was either missing or if that div was there the text box was empty.

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