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REQUIRED: Setting Up Litle / Vantiv for FoxyCart

When a merchant wants to use FoxyCart to send transactions to Vantiv on their behalf, the merchant should contact their CEM at Vantiv and request this. At that time Vantiv will “Add FoxyCart as a presenter” and update their profile so that the permissions for FoxyCart to send transactions is granted. If the merchant is a brand new Vantiv customer this should be discussed during Implementation with that team. Foxy's Vantiv integration also utilises version 12 of their API, you will need to ensure that your Vantiv account is configured to use that version.

If you have any questions or get any errors, please contact your Vantiv rep.


Obtaining a Test Account

Contact Vantiv for info at 1-800-548-5326, Option 3.

Test Card Numbers

To emulate different responses Vantiv sandbox server uses last 3 digits of a card number.

000 means success.

Here are some test card numbers:

  • 4111111110000000 - Success
  • 4100000000000100 - Processing Network Unavailable (100)
  • 4111111000000110 - Insufficient Funds (110)
  • 4111111111111111 - Authorization amount has already been depleted (111)

Troubleshooting & Interpreting Response Codes

Contact Vantiv for info at 1-800-548-5326, Option 3.

System Error - Call Vantiv

If you receive an error of System Error - Call Vantiv when trying to complete a live transaction, you'll want to confirm that Foxy is set as a presenter for your Vantiv account, and that it's configured to use version 12 of their API. Vantiv's support team can assist you with confirming that.

Important Notes and Caveats

User Notes and Experiences

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