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Create or update webuser permissions based on FoxyCart subscriptions. Useful for creating a paid subscription / premium area of your site
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Paid Webuser Subscriptions / Permissions

Please note: The code on this page is submitted by members of the FoxyCart community, and may not verified by FoxyCart.com LLC in any way, shape, or form. Please double check the code before installing. If you need help with it please post in our forum, but if we cannot offer assistance (due to unfamiliarity with this particular system or language) we apologize in advance.

FoxyCart v0.5.0+

FoxyCart v050+ has subscription-specific XML datafeeds. These allow vastly simplified subscription-based permissions to be implemented, but as yet no code exists. If you need this or are interested in building it yourself please let FoxyCart know in their forum and they will be happy to point you in the right direction.

FoxyCart v0.4.0 and below

Paid webuser subscriptions for MODx. Allows you to use FoxyCart subscriptions to manage webuser permissions. Useful for creating a paid members only section, paid blog subscriptions, paid premium content subscription, etc.

Could be modified to use a non-subscription product as well (one-time payment for unlimited access).

Paid Webuser Subscriptions / Permissions in the MODx repository
Support thread in the MODx forums

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