Discount Logic Helper

The following form can be used to help you create discount logic, whether that be for a product discount as a link or in a form, or a category discount or coupon.

To start, simply choose the type of discount you'd like to create, create the tiers to match what you're looking to achieve, and copy the output to the relevant place you're adding the discount to.

If you're creating a product discount, you'll be copying either the link or the form output to add into your relevant link or form. If you're using a third-party module to manage your products, you may need to copy the logic into your website management setup.

If you're creating a coupon or a category discount, you'll be copying the logic output into the discount details input in the FoxyCart administration. You'll also need to set the other settings for the discount in the form in the FoxyCart administration as well, similar to what you have set here.

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