Known Issues

Unresolved Known Issues

  • FedEx live shipping rates do not work for UK-based stores trying to ship to UK addresses. This impacts all versions, not just 070.
  • v2.0 and prior: PayPal Express is not an option for subscriptions set to start in the future.
  • Double quotes are not properly escaped in our fc_json response object after adding a product to the cart. This has been fixed in 2.0, but impacts previous versions.
  • Multiship + Future Subscriptions (subscriptions that start in the future) may have unknown issues related to displaying the correct future taxes at the time of the transaction, and/or applying the correct taxes on subsequent runs.
  • v1.1 and prior: Subscriptions will take on the total shipping cost as the recurring shipping cost, rather than just the shipping cost that applies to it directly.
  • v2.0: Twig templates currently don't support using an embed of the template within the checkout or receipt templates. The template should instead be edited directly.
  • v2.0: PayPal Express Checkout does not show the tax info in the order details as expected which is throwing off the purchase total on the PayPal receipt. This is more of cosmetic issue as the actual payment amount is not impacted and gross total shown is still correct. We have been in touch with PayPal and they have a ticket open to resolve, although they were unable to give us an ETA.

Fixes to Known Issues


  • Fix for customer info pre-population not supporting pre-populating the country values.
  • Fix for payment information being connected directly to the customer, not the historical transaction. This meant that if you use the API or send the XML Datafeed after the original transaction took place, you would not see the correct cc_type value.
  • Fix for misbehaving coupon codes, especially when using allunits and percentage discounts. There are currently no known problems with any discount syntax or combinations.


  • Fix for: Coupons impacting taxes and shipping, possibly allowing for negative order totals.
  • Fix for: When Single Sign-On is used, customers may receive empty password reminder emails from the checkout.
  • Fix for: Historical viewing of subscription transactions both in the admin and as receipts can incorrectly show up as future subscriptions. We're actively working on this issue. This has now been resolved in all 070 versions.


  • PayPal Express Checkout now supports subscriptions.
  • The XML datafeed now correctly supports multiple sub_token values in a single transaction.
  • Subscription end dates (sub_enddate) are now product specific, not cart-wide.
  • Domains that are “third level domains” (such as,, or will not set the FoxyCart session correctly using the default foxycart.complete.js file.
  • If PayPal Express is the only payment method selected, the dashboard on the initial login will display that your store is not fully configured. If you load up the dashboard again, it will display correctly.
  • Future subscriptions together with a discount coupon will show a negative cart total.
  • The CSV export does not include the customer_company or the shipping_company.
  • Coupons do not give you a discount per product when using a quantity based discount but this will be fixed in the next release.
  • 2010.12.21: Fix to sub_startdate handling that could prevent the first transaction not running.
  • Can't cancel subscriptions that have a past due amount (JavaScript errors on the checkout) (introduced and fixed in 070)


  • It is now possible to control whether residential versus commercial shipping rates are returned by shipping carriers.
  • If the cart has items with flat rate shipping AND live shipping rates, you'll still see the handling fee on the initial checkout load.
  • If you're selling subscription products while using multiple ship-to addresses and taxes, there are problems that will likely prevent checkout from happening.
  • [Resolved in v0.7.0] Domains that are “third level domains” (such as,, or will not set the FoxyCart session correctly using the default foxycart_includes.js file.
    • Please download this file for v0.6.0 or this file for v0.5.1 instead and use it instead of the normal foxycart_includes.js, hosted on your own server.
    • You must do a quick modification of the above linked file before you use it, or it will throw an alert box indicating an error.
    • Do not include the _includes file in your cart or checkout templates. This will cause problems.
    • If you're using a <base> tag in your <head> section, you will very likely experience a javascript error in IE6-8. We recommend removing the <base> declaration if possible. If not, please comment on this forum thread.
    • To set the session to a path and not a different domain you'll need to modify the path=/ piece of the fc_CookieSet() function. Just hardcode in the path you want, like /store/. (It must end in a slash.)

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