Store Administration and Order Management

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Order Management Integrations

Handling Refunds

Processing refunds is generally straightforward, but is handled in your gateway and not in your FoxyCart admin. The exact steps will vary from gateway to gateway (and you can contact your gateway's support for assistance), but it's important to note that many gateways will process a VOID differently than a REFUND. A void is when you actually cancel the transaction before the funds are batched for capture by your merchant account. This means that while the customer may see the transaction on their online statement, it will not show up on their actual statement. A refund, on the other hand, is processed after the funds are batched and captured, so the customer will see both the initial charge and the subsequent refund on their statement.

Fees may differ between voids and refunds, and some systems (notably PayPal) don't differentiate, but it's a good thing to understand. When possible, a void is generally preferred.

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