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Changelog and Upgrade Notes for v0.7.2

Note: This page is geared towards upgrading from v0.7.1. Please make sure you view all the version notes for versions you may be skipping (ie. from 0.7.0 → 0.7.1 → 0.7.2).

Changelog Summary

Please make sure you review the full v0.7.2 changelog (available in your FoxyCart admin's Store Settings page before upgrading. Also please ensure you've read the known issues.

New Features in v0.7.2

There are many new features, but these are the biggies:

  • Bulk coupon code importing! (This is a biggie for anybody doing serious coupon usage.)
  • Email whitelabeling. We've added the ability for you to add some DNS records to your system and completely remove FoxyCart from the emails. This might sound a little complicated but it's not too bad.
  • Coupons can be set to override category and product discounts, to prevent multiple discounts from being applied.
  • New fields and better formatting to the CSV export format when exporting transactions.
  • Many new gateways, including FirstData Global Gateway support.
  • Ability to resend receipt emails from the admin, useful especially for resending downloadable product links.
    • Cache a template (cart, checkout, receipt, emails) from the API.
    • Retrieve the “store include” files (the foxycart.js and other javascript and CSS) from the API.
    • Improved searching and filtering capabilities using the _list methods (with wildcard search). Ability to filter by custom fields.
    • Add attributes (name/value pairs) to customers, subscriptions, or transactions.
    • Ability to refeed the datafeed via the API.
    • pausing and resuming of an event to allow for asynchronous code execution within the event function array;
    • adding a ready event to execute code with the JSON cart object is loaded from FoxyCart.

Bug Fixes and Changes to Existing Behavior

There are many, many bug fixes to v0.7.2 noted on the changelog, but the biggest are:

  • Coupon and discount calculation. There were various issues with edge cases where discounts would yield very unexpected results. e.g You can no longer add duplicate coupon code (for single or multiple coupons) in v0.7.2. If you are upgrading from previous version, make sure you have deleted all existing duplicate coupon codes, so that they could work as expected.
  • Downloadable products have seen various bug fixes, including the ability to change a file without breaking old links.

Upgrading from v0.7.1


Change of FoxyCart Includes

Log into your FoxyCart admin and go to the “sample code” section to get the latest “includes”. This will include jQuery, foxycart.colorbox.js (or a variant of that file), and the Colorbox CSS file. These filenames may change slightly between versions to accommodate for version changes and improvements, so make sure you get the latest files when you upgrade from any version.

If you have a more advanced integration, you can now use the API to retrieve the latest includes code as needed.

Change of jQuery Version

v0.7.2's foxycart.js has been tested with jQuery 1.6.4. While it may function with older jQuery versions, we cannot promise it will be bug free, and we strongly recommend upgrading to jQuery 1.6.4+ to use FoxyCart v0.7.2. If you aren't calling jQuery separately from the above mentioned FoxyCart Includes, this won't really matter, but if you're using the jQuery version that's loaded automatically from your CMS you'll need to check this.

jQuery 1.4.2 may have conflicts! While jQuery versions causing problems are generally pretty rare, 1.4.2 in particular seems to cause problems with Colorbox, which is the default cart modal window script in FoxyCart v0.7.2.

Removal of "Offline Processing" from the Admin

If you are a legacy user with the ability to view credit card numbers in the admin, do not upgrade to v0.7.2. Because of the overhead and liability that this access entails, we are discontinuing support. We support some great options for payment gateways you can use, you can see more information on this page. If you don't see a particular gateway you'd like to use supported though, let us know what it is and we'll look at adding support for it. For non-US merchants, let us know where you are and we'll see if we can recommend a good gateway for you.

ACTION REQURIED: Stores using Subscriptions / Recurring Billing

Email Receipts

There is a new placeholder available for your email receipts that will allow for a specific block of text (customizable) to be inserted when a subscription is modified. This can help reduce confusion on emails that indicate a billing update, for instance.

Changes to the Subscription XML Datafeed

If you're using the subscription XML datafeed, its behavior has been changed with regard to “soon to expire” cards. It will now not include cards that will expire next month. This may require a change in how you send emails to your customers with expiring payment info.

ACTION REQUIRED: Non-English Stores

There are some new language fields added to accomodate some of the new functionality and to improve the usability for customers. Make sure you run through your store's language settings. If you see anything that needs to be updated, you can change it directly, or let us know and we'll update our default language files.

ACTION REQUIRED: Advanced Implementations

Changes to API and Datafeed XML Responses

There are new XML nodes. While these generally shouldn't cause problems, they're worth looking at and updating your integrations accordingly.

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