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Fraud Prevention in FoxyCart

What FoxyCart's minFraud Integration Is

Though we strongly recommend setting up any and all available anti-fraud prevention tools at the gateway level (and most gateways do have fraud controls available, though sometimes at an additional cost), FoxyCart does have integration with MaxMind's minFraud service. Click that link to get a feel for what minFraud is, or just understand that it looks at all the available data from the customer and transaction and provides a riskScore.

What to do with it?

You can enable minFraud in the “payment” page of your FoxyCart admin. Simply set it to any number greater than 0 to enable it. Any transaction with a riskScore higher than the number you enter will be declined.

Though every store and customer base will have different riskScore averages, MaxMind's general recommendation is to reject anything with a riskScore of 60 or higher, and to screen anything with a riskScore between 4-59. FoxyCart defaults to minFraud off, so our recommendation is to set it to 60 if you are concerned with fraudulent orders, and to monitor to see what your averages are. After seeing the riskScore averages for your store you may feel comfortable dropping your threshold significantly down (to 7 or 8, perhaps).

As a potential point of reference, MaxMind shares the following approximate distribution of riskScores across minFraud customers:

riskScore range Percent of orders in range
0.10 - 4.99 90%
5.00 - 9.99 5%
10.00 - 29.99 3%
30.00 - 99.99 2%


Make the error message helpful

You can change the language for the error message displayed to the blocked customer in your store's “language” page, under “minfraud”. For example, you could include a phone number at which they would be able to further verify their identities.

Where is the score shown?

On any transaction that has a risk score of greater than 0, an entry for “Minfraud Score” will be shown within the transaction report within the administration.

There's no magic bullet to eliminate all fraud while allowing through all legitimate orders, but with your gateway's fraud filters and FoxyCart's minFraud integration you can get as close as possible.

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