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Payment Sets

FoxyCart's payment set functionality introduces the ability for a single store to offer different groups of payment gateway configurations. This can be very useful for situations where you need to only offer a specific set of payment options in different checkouts, whether based on the currency of the cart, or related to specific types of products. Payment sets are applied to a checkout session through the template set that it is assigned to.

As an example - let's take a store that offers the ability for customers to pay in both USD, CAD and Euro. Due to the requirements of their business they need to be able to settle the payments in each currency using a local merchant account to that region, use a different payment gateway for accepting cards in the EU, and only accept PayPal for USD based transactions.

With payment sets, along with our template set functionality, they can achieve this set up. They would create a template set and payment set for each different currency, assigning each payment set to it's respective template set. They can then select the necessary payment gateways and enter the needed credentials for each individual payment set as required - for example only enabling PayPal on the USD payment set and selecting the alternate payment gateway needed for the EU.

Some common configuration options that payment sets allow for:

  • Offering unique sets of payment gateway configurations for accepting different currencies or specific products through the template sets
  • Setting a lower minFraud threshold and always requiring Google reCAPTCHA be completed for specific sets of products
  • Having a second payment set on test servers you can use for testing while customers utilise a live payment set.

Payment Sets encapsulate all of the payment gateway options, can be individually set to test or live payment servers, as well as including the anti-fraud integrations for minFraud, Google reCAPTCHA, and the pre-payment webhook for custom validations.

Adding a Payment Set

You can add a new payment set by navigating to the “Payment Sets” section of the FoxyCart administration and selecting “Add a new Payment Set” in the “Select a payment set” select option. Simply give it a unique name to identify this payment set when utilizing it in other areas.

Using a Payment Set

To be able to make use of a payment set on your checkout, it needs to be assigned to template set. Review the template set documentation for creating/editing a template set, and how to activate a specific template set on a cart session.

Editing a Payment Set's configured payment options

To edit the payment gateways enabled for an individual payment set, you do that from the “payment” section of your store's FoxyCart administration. Select the payment set that you want to edit from the “select a payment set” dropdown, and edit the settings as required. Each setting on the “payment” page is tied to the specific payment set selected.

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